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The Best Dog Clippers in the UK for Hairy Hounds

OUR BEST DOG CLIPPERS OF 2018: REVIEWS and COMPARISONSWhich are the best dog clippers for your hairy hound?With the right dog clippers you can care for that coat at home. From tidying the fur between the toes to a full clip, you can achieve a professional finish with a little knowledge and the best dog clippers […]


Dog Sitter Extraordinaire. A (free) Global Opportunity for Anyone to Enjoy

Become a Professional Dog Sitter, Travel the World and Live for Free This may sound too good to be true but an opportunity has come about that promises just that. I’m still in the process of finalising details but I shall update this post to highlight my first dog sitter experience living in a lovely […]


Best Dog Toothpaste Reviews: Beefy-Fresh Breath for Dogs

Dog Toothpaste: Not for the smile, just good dental health. Is brushing your dog’s teeth on a to-do list, but secretly think it can’t be done? Or maybe it is something you have not even thought about and wouldn’t know where to start. Then we have a secret to share. Dog toothpaste makes tooth brushing […]


Best Dog Food for Puggles

We Review Dog Food for Puggles: Reviews, Comparisons and RatingsWhat’s not to love about a Puggle? From that endearing face to how they do anything for food, these independent-minded, scent-obsessed canines are definitely man’s best friend. But in such cuteness lies a problem. Puggles inherit genes from the Pug and the Beagle, which are both breeds notorious […]

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