Best Medium Dog Car Harnesses. Reviews and Comparisons for 2018

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What is the best travel harness for a medium-sized dog?

Beagles, Bulldogs, Border collies, and Basset hounds: we all love our medium-sized dogs. They fit (literally) into our lives in a way that a large dog doesn’t. For a start, you can get the kids and medium-sized four-legger into the car, without the need to invest in a new and much larger vehicle.

But when you pop your pup into a vehicle for a quick trip to the park, spare a thought for their safety. The law requires a dog to be “Adequately restrained” in transit. This is a basic requirement to stop the dog from moving around and distracting the driver, and little to do with keeping the dog safe in the event of a crash.

But here at Doggy Dream Team we don’t like the idea of ‘basic’ road safety. We want our fur-family members to be as safe as our kids, which is why we looked into the best travel harnesses for medium-sized dogs.

Doggy Dream Team looked at the options relating to medium dog car harnesses in order to keep your best friend safe.

Small Dog Car Harness

Key Features

Customer Rating


RAC Approved.

A useful restraint to stop the dog moving around in the car


Long chest plate which suits deeper chested breeds


Conforms to EU regulations governing seat belts for people


Utilizes technology used by rock-climbers’ harnesses.

A well-made restraint.


Easy Rider Crash Tested harness Passed Kettering University’s crash test, US.

An amazing price for such superior crash protection​


Score* (Doggy Dream Team user rating)

***All Ratings from 1-10***

Whatever your choice of harness for travel, be sure to look for crash-tested products using materials approved for making car restraints. Remember a regular dog walking harness is just that…and not designed to spread the extreme force of an emergency stop. Specialist car harnesses designed for medium sized dogs are just that, designed specifically for your dog’s safety.

Our top recommendation for an effective medium dog car harness based on performance and cost is the:

  • Easy Rider Medium Dog Harness (review below)

However, let’s take a closer look at all the other contenders.

RAC Medium Dog Car Harness

Max Chest 55-70cm (21-27″)

The Royal Automobile Club (RAC) has links to road safety dating back to 1897, so any product with their name on it has to be good. This no-nonsense travel harness is designed to “Reduce driver distraction” by securing your dog on the back seat into the seat belt fixing point. At an affordable bargain price (indeed, this is cheaper than many ordinary harnesses), it also doubles as a standard walking harness.


Easy to put on, even an excited dog
Available in small, medium, large, extra-large, and jumbo
Carries the RAC branding (which is a reassuring sign of quality)
Padded chest piece for extra comfort



Sizing tends to come up small, with big jumps between the one size and the next one up
Does not appear to be crash tested.

He [my dog] has no problem with me putting it on him so must be comfortable enough. I feel much safer having him harnessed in the car and cannot recommend this product enough

Tootifruiti, Amazon

The RAC wouldn’t put their name to any old product, which means you can be reassured of a well-made product that won’t disintegrate after a few uses. However, you should be aware that this safety equipment does not claim to pass a crash-test at 30 mph. This means it’s main benefit is that it secures the dog in one place in the car.

Whilst it may well save your dog from injury in the event of a crash, it is not guaranteed to do so.

Overall Value

7.0 Rating out of 10

A useful car restraint but doesn’t promise to stop your dog becoming an air-borne missile in the event of a crash. If you would ordinarily not secure your dog at all in the vehicle, and don’t want to spend big bucks then this RAC harness has many merits.

Use it as your dog’s walking harness and then it’s super simple to anchor him in the car on the way home. OK, not the gold standard in safety, but a big improvement on leaving the dog loose in the back of the car…and for less than you’d pay for an ordinary walking harness.


Bergan Auto Harness

The Bergan auto harness for dogs is tested to ensure the construction and materials won’t fail in the event of a crash. However, additional independent testing showed it not to be as reliable for dogs weighing over 34 kg (75lb) as those below. Whilst this means medium-sized dogs are taken care of, it isn’t great news for their bigger brothers.

Crash tested and proven reliable for dogs under 34 kg in crashes at 35 mph


This is a substantial harness and not all dogs find it comfortable to walk in

A nice wide comfortable neck piece rather than just straps means the stress is spread out better if the worst were to happen.

S G Luxmore, Amazon

A pawticularly pleasing aspect of this harness’ design is the deep breastplate. If you have a deeper chested dog such as a whippet, greyhound, Visla, or Weimaranar, it can be difficult to find a harness that fits, let alone a safety harness! However, this Bergan auto harness could be just what your deep-chested dog needs.

Practical features include that it’s a snip to put on and take off. Plus, the fixing system is so simple that your dog can jump up into any make of car and be seamlessly secured without any head scratching puzzlement about how to attach him.

Overall Value

8.2 Rating out of 10

We found this Bergan auto harness represents a great combination of value and safety for the medium-sized dog. Indeed, many pet parents are so pleased with this harness that they would buy it again in the future.

EzyDog Car Safety Harness

If your dog is your fur-baby then you’ll want ‘human standard’ safety. This EzyDog car harness offers just that. It was test to and passed the EU ECE Regulation 16 standard, which is also the standard to which child safety restraints are tested.

Impressive safety standard accreditation
We love how the car’s inertia reel seatbelt simply slides through the D-ring to secure your dog – super simple!


Not designed as a multi-purpose harness, so be prepared to put your dog on a collar for walks.

This harness means business! It’s constructed using only the best materials that confirm to regulations for human safety restraints. Careful thought has been given to its design, such that you adjust the fit to your dog once, and thereafter it’s super easy to take on and off your four-legger.

The EzyDog has features such as a padded breastplate that moulds to the individual contours of your dog for a comfort fit that also spreads concussive force. The seatbelt slides through webbing on the harness to keep your dog safe in transit, whilst there are D-rings to attach a lead when taking the dog to and from the car.

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

The price tag makes this a considered purchase. Even so, the outstanding safety profile means the EzyDog harness is a product any pet parent that is serious about safety should think carefully about whether they can afford to be without it.

Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Harness

The Kurgo is a well-made harness designed to restrain your dog during travel. It also doubles as a walking harness.

A good, strongly made multi-purpose harness


Not crash tested and is designed as a restraint to stop the dog wandering, rather than protect your dog in a crash.

Excellent sturdy product. Dog is now safe in the back seat.

Ian R In..., Amazon

This is a good quality, well-made product that compares favourably in price with similar safety restraints. Available in sizes small, medium, and large, and it has adjustable straps that help ensure a good fit.

The harness makes an excellent walking harness, and is supplied with a seatbelt tether strap. The latter attaches the harness to the seat belt to hold your dog securely in the back seat, where they’re less likely to distract you.

Some pet parents who found their dogs suffered motion sickness when travelling in the boot, found this belt solved the problem. By securing the dog on the back seat, they could see out of the window which then relieved a nauseating problem.

Overall Value

8.8 Rating out of 10

This is a great harness for a medium-sized dog, and it comes at a reasonable price. Just be aware when making a purchase that this isn’t crash tested and the benefits arise from securing the dog in one place. That said, it’s made from strengthened materials and is good value for money when compared to similar harnesses.

Easy Rider Crash Tested Harness

*Doggy Dream Team top choice for safety and value*


Independently tested (and passed) by Kettering University in Michigan to the same safety standards as child safety restraints. This harness has an impressive pedigree to back up its claims of keeping your dog safe and secure in the event of a crash. It is crash tested and, importantly, passed both standard testing and those by Kettering University.

Travel harnesses with such a good safety profile are few and far between. The brilliant thing about the Easy Rider is that it offers that elusive combination of proven safety and an affordable price tag.

Padded breastplate that spreads the load in the event of a crash
The reassurance that the harness has been tested to child safety standards


Hard to think of any as this harness represents outstanding value for money. Nope, still can’t think of a downside.

This harness comes in a range of sizes from extra small to extra-large. The seatbelt is attached direct to the harness, rather than via a tethering strap, whilst the harness itself is comfortable enough to wear as a walking harness.

Overall Value

9.8 Rating out of 10

*Doggy Dream Team top choice for safety and value*

This harness comes in a range of sizes from extra small to extra-large. The seatbelt is attached direct to the harness, rather than via a tethering strap, whilst the harness itself is comfortable enough to wear as a walking harness.

And Finally…

No-one plans to have an accident, and car traffic collisions don’t just happen to other people. In the same way that it’s no longer acceptable for a child to travel unrestrained in a car, so your dog should be secured on a journey.

Remember, existing legislation is solely concerned with stopping a dog from distracting the driver. But why stop there? When travel restraints exist which protect your pet in the event of a smash, it makes ultimate good sense to make use of them. After all, the purchase cost of a harness is much less than the heart ache of losing a pet or the pain in the wallet of large vet bills to get your dog fit again.

Don’t let inaction cost you dearly. A couple of clicks could save your dog’s life.

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