Best Dog Toothpaste Reviews: Beefy-Fresh Breath for Dogs

Dogs toothpaste for dog's dirt canine teeth

Dog Toothpaste: Not for the smile,  just good dental health.

​Is brushing your dog’s teeth on a to-do list, but secretly think it can’t be done?

Or maybe it is something you have not even thought about and wouldn't know where to start.

Then we have a secret to share. Dog toothpaste makes tooth brushing sooooooo much easier!

We kid you not.

In the past perhaps you did everything right and tried slowly introducing the toothbrush to your dog. If it all went horribly wrong, then know your best ally in the battle for better dental health is... Dog toothpaste.

The thing is those clever people who manufacture such products have twigged that if something tastes good then dogs won’t mind it in their mouth…indeed they’ll be eager for you to rub it all over their teeth and save them the hassle of eating it. Nom nom nom.

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So before we brush up on the best dog toothpaste, let’s freshen up our memories on how to clean a dog’s teeth. Remember, start slow. Let the dog be happy with each step before moving onto the next.

  • Put a blob of dog toothpaste onto a fingertip and let the dog lick it off• Get the dog used to you touching his muzzle and lifting his lips.
  • Get the dog used to you touching his muzzle and lifting his lips
  • Dab toothpaste onto his teeth
  • Put toothpaste on a dog toothbrush or finger brush, and let him lick it off
  • Dab the brush plus toothpaste onto his teeth
  • Gently rub the brush over the teeth at the front, which are easier to reach (no need to rinse)
  • Gradually build up the number of teeth you brushTa dah! You’re brushing your dog’s teeth without realizing

NOTE: Avoid human toothpaste as the fluoride is harmful to dogs when swallowed.

So are all dog toothpastes much-of-a-muchness or should you be choosy? Let’s take a look.


Now let’s scrub down and look at each product in more detail.

Arm & Hammer Tartar Control Beef Toothpaste

If the brand “Arm & Hammer” rings a bell, it’s probably because this long established company (150 years) make best-selling human toothpastes containing baking soda. They’ve now branched out into the pet market with a paws-ome paste that hounds seem hungry for.

This beef-flavoured paste (Nom nom nom. Beefy fresh breath) contains baking soda and other beneficial ingredients such as green tea leaf extract, chamomile, aloe vera, and glucosamine.

The benefits of baking soda include a gentle fizzing action along the gum line, to better penetrate between the teeth for a deep clean action. It also helps maintain a healthy pH inside the mouth, which discourages bad breath and reduces plaque formation.

“My vet advised me that the enzymatic action of these special toothpastes continues to remove tartar after brushing, hence why I buy it.”

Beverley, Amazon

Overall Value

9 Rating out of 10

Realistically, this product is unlikely to remove heavy tartar deposits (as is the case with most toothpaste) but used regularly it goes a long way to promoting a healthy mouth AND dogs just can’t get enough of that beefy flavour.

Beaphar Toothbrush and Toothpaste Kit

So what is the alternative to the scienced-up vet-recommended toothpastes?

Beaphar is a no-nonsense dog toothpaste (Note: Not suitable for use in cats) with antiplaque properties.

This product divides opinion with some dogs loving the liver flavour, whilst others turn up their noses and run a mile. There is little doubt that tooth brushing is a beneficial preventative treatment, abrading away the debris that encourages plaque formation. The Beaphar toothpaste falls into this ‘preventative’ category, rather than the more sophisticated ‘treatment’ group of toothpastes and gels.

“He [the dog] likes the liver flavoured toothpaste (shudder!) and is seemingly quite happy while I brush his great big teeth carefully twice a week.”

Philip, Amazon

Overall Value

8.6 Rating out of 10

There is no doubt that regular brushing is recommended and this Beaphar product is a good, no nonsense introduction to the world of doggy oral hygiene. At this price you can afford to take a punt and give it a go!

CEVA Logic Oral Hygiene Gel

CEVA Logic is a little different than our other products as strictly speaking it isn’t a toothpaste (although it’s used in a similar manner). It is an ‘oral hygiene gel’ with a clever formulation that helps it stick to the teeth for longer, for longer lasting delivery of those plaque busting ingredients.

This product manipulates the pet’s saliva to make the mouth a more hostile place for bacteria. It is the action of bacteria that hardens plaque to tartar, inflames gums, and causes bad breath, so lots of ticks in lots of boxes with a product that impacts on those pesky bugs.

“I have tried many products, giving each a fair trial of several months, and have come to the conclusion that the Logic gel gives the best balance of effectiveness/palatability.”

Ms, Amazon

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

A general thumbs up all round from hundreds of satisfied users. Many are established users of other toothpastes and were underwhelmed by the results…until they discovered the improvement afforded by this CEVA gel.

Whilst CEVA gel is not a cheap product, balanced against costly professional descaling, it is a sound investment in your dog’s dental health.

Johnsons Veterinary Toothpaste

A product not to everyone’s taste, Johnson’s veterinary toothpaste is an OK product from a trusted manufacturer. This toothpaste makes few claims other than it cleans teeth and freshens gums. Indeed, the lack of claims make it difficult to argue that simple brushing with water would be any the less beneficial.

“The paste itself is OK and is a reasonable price but I found it was quite thin and would run off the brush.”

Amarpal, Amazon

Overall Value

8.4 Rating out of 10

On the plus side, some pet parents prefer the minty smell of this product to the meaty smells of other pastes. So if your preference is for minty-fresh rather than beefy-fresh breath, then this is one for your dog’s shelf in the bathroom.


New product…new product…new product…

Developed by Scandinavian dentists and vets, as an established brand Petosan is now launching in the UK. The overall package of dental care is something to smile about with special two-headed brushes that get into that tricky inner surface, and a great tasting toothpaste.

About that taste…Petosan is poultry flavoured and smells good enough to …well…eat. Unlike other meaty toothpastes that have your recoiling and marvelling at what dogs seem to enjoy, Petosan appeals to both two and four-leggers (although we’re not suggesting you clean your teeth with it.)

The formulation includes ingredients which inhibit tartar formation, and mild abrasives that scrub away plaque without damaging the surface of the enamel. A great consistency that leaves the tube cleanly and hugs the brush without dropping off, this is a well thought through product.

Overall Value

9 Rating out of 10

At £8.77 at tube this is a considered purchase, but with a pedigree of providing excellent dental care (from a company that make an electric toothbrush for dogs!) this is definitely a product to bark about.

Petsmile Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

This is the only toothpaste approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC), the guardians of all things dental health related in dogs.

With the rare accolade of being endorsed by the VOHC has haven clinically proven benefits, this Petsmile product deserves respect. There’s some serious science inside the tube. Its enzymatic action breaks down the causes of bad smell in the mouth, whilst the exclusive Calprox formula destroys the sticky film that plays host to the bacteria which build tartar and strengthens enamel.

“Have tried other dental products for dogs, but this tops them all.”

Rjoneswales, Amazon

One user found the texture of the toothpaste a little runny, but this can easily be remedied by mixing things up a bit and giving the tube a bit of a massage before use.

Of course you should have realistic expectations about what a toothpaste can do for your dog’s dental health. If he already has heavy tartar deposits then a professional descale is the way ahead, then maintain those pearly whites with regular brushing. Whilst you can use toothpaste on teeth covered with tartar, you’ll achieve nice polished tartar rather than shiny white teeth!

Overall Value

7.2 Rating out of 10

A great bonus with Petsmile Enzymatic toothpaste is that it is beneficial even when applied to a pet’s favourite chew toy. Once in the mouth it gets to work dissolving the plaque and stains that other toothpastes don’t touch.

There’s no denying this product is pricey, but balanced against the outstanding endorsement and proven beneficial effects, it set our tails wagging as an investment in the long term health of your dog’s teeth.

Sentry Enzymatic Dog Toothpaste

OK, so Sentry has a limited number of reviews but so far users speak with one voice, which is “Total satisfaction”. Not only do dogs tolerate the taste, but they line up in anticipation of having their teeth brushed.

“Does the job and the dogs like the taste – as good as the expensive stuff but less than half the price.”

Mervyn Hoare, Amazon

Overall Value

10 Rating out of 10

Sentry is another enzymatic toothpaste, which works to breakdown plaque and prevent it hardening into tartar. This is in addition to the gentle abrasive benefits of brushing which physically wipe away sludge from the surface of the teeth.

On first inspection £14.99 seems a lot for a tube of toothpaste, even an enzymatic one, but appearances can be deceiving given this is 190g, and therefore x2.5 the size of regular tubes, which considerably improves the value for money. Sentry should definitely be on any pet parent’s shopping list that is serious about their dog’s dental health.

Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs

Another enzymatic product, this is stocked by vets as a tried and trusted product for removing plaque.

“This really works on our two Cocker Spaniels’ teeth. No more expensive trips to the vets & no bad breath! Easy to use & the dogs love it.”

Peter A James, Amazon

Although lacking the VOHC seal of approval, this is a product is more than just an abrasive cleaner, as it uses enzymes to break down the proteins that cause plaque to accumulate. Plaque is the slimy substance that coats teeth after eating. When acted upon by bacteria, the plaque hardens into tartar, so ridding the teeth of this coating is key to good dental health.

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

Virbac is that rare product, in that it consistently scores highly with satisfied users actually noticing some of the heavier tartar deposits breaking down and dissolving. Another impressive feature is that even dogs who have previously turned their noses up at toothpaste, seem to adore the poultry flavour. Indeed, many dogs simply love the taste the taste so much that their pet parents can take their time to clean every single tooth.

The major drawback with this product is the price. However, this should be balanced against the considerable cost of professional descaling should things get that bad.

Choosing the best dog toothpaste. Out thoughts

If you think all toothpastes are the same, then think again.

This is certainly one product where you get what you pay for, but it also pays to be a savvy shopper. At the lower price point you’re purchasing a product that makes tooth brushing more acceptable to a reluctant dog, but the main benefit is the physical removal of food debris by brushing rather than the action of the toothpaste.

At the other end of the price point, more expensive products have a number of add-on dental health benefits, such as staying active in the mouth for longer, breaking up plaque, and making the mouth a more hostile place for bacteria to prosper. DDT Review Team

The savvy shopper bit comes in when you recognize you can obtain a product with the features of top end toothpastes, but with a less breath-taking price tag. When your priority is to optimize dental health and reduce the risk of needing dental attention under anaesthetic then look for a product that has:

  • An enzymatic action
  • Adheres well to the teeth
  • Has an appealing flavour (for dogs!)
  • Has proven clinical benefits breaking down plaque
  • Continues to act even after you’ve finished brushing

Whatever product you chose, know that a tasty toothpaste does make the task of brushing your dog’s teeth so much easier and the act of physically brushing away debris has benefits. Even an inexpensive toothpaste is going to improve your dog’s breath making it ‘beefy fresh’, plus get you into good habits by brushing. So go for it! Banish bad breath and give your dog something to smile about by trying out a dog toothpaste.

Let us know your experiences with doggy toothpastes, and leave a comment below.


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