Best Dog Strollers. Reviews and Comparisons for 2018

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It’s heartbreaking when your dog can’t get out and about for walks. Whether it’s because of an injury, arthritis, or old age you might feel helpless if your pet isn’t as active as they once were.

They still need to get outdoors, experience fresh air and socialise with others. Luckily there’s an easy solution so your dog can still enjoy fresh air despite their physical challenges.

Dog strollers are the perfect solution so your furry baby can get outside. Dog strollers are a fast-growing new trend as they help dogs enjoy their former lifestyle. In fact, the market is flooded with lots of options, which means there’s bound to be one there to suit your dog’s needs.

With so much choice on offer, choosing the best dog stroller in 2018 might seem a big challenge. Every manufacturer will say that their product is the best, which can make deciding even trickier. To make it easier, consider these things first:

  • Price
  • Durability
  • Functionality
  • Comfort

Take your time to read through the information set out below and you’ll soon know which one suits you and your four-legged friend the best. Essentially it boils down to your budget, preferred style and determining which dog stroller your pet will be content to lie or sit on while out for a walk.

For a combination of safety and convenience we reviewed what we thought were the best dog strollers on the market and summarized them into the table below.

Dog Strollers

Key Features

Customer Rating


Shock absorbers are very comfy for dogs with sore joints.


Easy to assemble and fold up.


Good value for money.


Ideal for small dogs.




Safe and secure.


Very stylish.


Can carry several dogs.


Score* (Doggy Dream Team user rating)

***All Ratings from 1-10***

When buying a dog stroller it is not just about the quality of materials and functionality. Consideration must also be given regarding your dog’s size, temperament and what suits you as the dog’s owner for convenience.

Our Doggy Dream Team top recommendation goes with the:

  • Foxhunter Dog Stroller Pushchair (see review below)

However, let’s take a closer look at all the other contenders.13

Pet Gear AT3 Dog Stroller

(£145 at review time)

This dog stroller is suitable for small and medium dogs. Your dogs will be safe in the large protective pet compartment, which is enhanced with internal padding. The internal pad also has a waterproof tray.

This stroller can be set to fit your personal height as the handle bars are adjustable. This makes walks comfortable for both you and your dog.

This stroller is fitted with wheel brakes and shock absorbers, making the ride smoother and less bouncy. If your dog is struggling with joint pain they can relax in this stroller as the shock-absorbing feature means rough terrain won’t cause as much pain.

Customers love the way this dog stroller is designed because it offers dogs a lot of comfort and can be used on any terrain. Best Point: Shock absorbers are very comfy for dogs with sore joints.

Brilliant and versatile on many different terrains, loads of room for pooch to lie down comfortably. Love the solid tyres that feel like they’re inflated – no worries of impromptu punctures! Perfect for our Lurcher pup who has a broken leg, this means she can still come out with our other two dogs for ‘walks’ and meet other dogs and people. The height is perfect for this, on a level with most dog’s noses.

AC, Amazon

In contrast to those customers who were pleased with this design, some were not sold on the dog stroller as they experienced some mishaps. Worst point: Hard to manoeuvre.

Amazingly hard to handle with dog in. Design flaw with top mesh

Verified Customer, Amazon

My lab didn’t mind getting in it but as she laid on one side it was so hard to push as it kept veering off to left, which felt like pushing a shopping trolley that wouldn’t go where you wanted it to.

Verified Customer, Amazon

Overall Value

You can tell if a stroller is well built by your dog’s reaction to it. That’s what really matters after all. Customers who liked this product found that their dogs were eager to get into it. This is surely a sign that they love the stroller and the opportunities it makes possible.

Customers enjoy the design because it is easy to assemble and has a quick-fold feature. This is very useful because it makes storage and transportation easy. You can quickly fold it to fit in the car and have it ready for a walk in no time.

The best features are that it is large enough to fit bigger dogs such as retrievers and can be used on any terrain.

7.8 Rating out of 10


  • While it can be used by large dogs, this dog stroller is ideal for medium-sized dogs. They will have plenty of room to lie in any position they find comfortable.
  • This dog stroller is sturdy and strong, which is a huge plus as it will support your dog. An additional benefit is that it can easily fold up for storage. However, the stroller’s size can make it difficult to handle.

PetsN’ll Pets Stroller Dog Pushchair

PetsN'll Happy Walking Dog Stroller

This dog stroller is made from highly durable plastic with a lightweight steel frame. There are top, front and side mesh ventilation windows. The mesh also ensures your dog can see what’s going on while preventing bugs from entering the compartment.

This dog stroller was designed with owners in mind. It features easy folding and storage options. Your dog will love it too because they can enjoy a smooth ride thanks to its four stable wheels and safe braking feature. This dog stroller is suitable for dogs and cats, so all your pets can now enjoy the outdoors again.

This dog stroller has lots of great features, which is why it’s received so many positive reviews. You can tell it’s a good stroller because of the high overall customer value ratings. One particular customer had this to say after purchasing the stroller. Best Point: Easy to assemble and fold up.

Easy to assemble. Nice big rubber tires that roll over rough terrain. Very roomy. Easy fold away. Big basket on bottom to carry all of my stuff. Two cup holders. This is so awesome! I get to take my dog on long walks and not have to carry her only after a couple blocks because she gets tired.

Verified Purchase, Amazon

The product is well made from strong, hard materials, but this can make it less comfortable. It’s a struggle of getting the balance between durability and comfort. Though its overall impression is positive, you may want to take the following into account. Worst point: Hard wheels create a bumpy ride.

The wheels are hard, which gives a bumpy ride, and it has a cheap light weight feel to it, but with plenty of padding (we are using a sheepskin and a soft blanket) it does the job and our dog loves it. Excellent value for the money. Would recommend.

Verified Purchase, Amazon

Overall Value

This stroller’s folding mechanism is a big advantage. With one click, it automatically folds. You can be ready for a stroll within seconds, even when travelling.

There is plenty of space for your dog, so they won’t be cramped. Comfort is essential when considering a stroller, especially if your dog struggles with joint problems. You want them to be able to move around until they find a comfortable position.

There are both positives and negatives to the hard wheels. They can withstand any terrain including sand, concrete and grass. Unfortunately, the hard wheels don’t absorb much of the shock which makes for a less comfy ride.

One good thing about the design it that the top mesh allows you to look down at your dog and interact with them. In addition, you also get two dog leashes when purchasing the stroller. These leases will help secure your dog in place, preventing them from falling out.

9.8 Rating out of 10


  • This stroller is a terrific option for both dogs and their humans! Firstly, the best thing about this stroller is how easily it folds down for storage with just the click of a button.
  • Secondly, your dog will be safe and comfortable thanks to the sturdy construction and the ample amount of room to laze about.

Foxhunter Dog Stroller Pushchair

*Doggy Dream Team top choice for safety and value*

FoxHunter New Brwon Dog Puppy Stroller

If you prefer jogging to walking, this is the best dog stroller for you. This dog stroller has a maximum capacity of 18 kg., is made with strong polyester fabric and also has water-resistant properties.

A large storage basket is attached to the stroller which is perfect for storing personal items or toys to make play time in the park more fun. You take along dog toys, blankets, treats and food so you can enjoy long excursions with your pet. This dog stroller’s design makes it suitable for carrying small dogs, cats, rabbits and any other small pets.

Customers appreciate this stroller’s practical design with the high weight capacity, quality materials and useful storage basket. It’s also great that you can use this stroller for different kinds of pets. When comparing the price with the features it offers, most customers say this product delivers value for their money. Best point: Good value for money.

Worth every penny. This dog stroller is a fantastic way to take your old or handicapped pets with you whenever you go out!

Chava mozes, Amazon

This dog stroller is well built and is made from exceptional quality materials. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to assemble as easily as other strollers as the instructions aren’t very clear. Worst point: Instructions are hard to follow.

The instructions are poor

Ann M Ferris, Amazon

If this is the only problem owners found with this dog stroller, it shows that it’s worthy of being considered as one of the best in 2018.

Overall Value

While the instructions are difficult to follow, the stroller is actually quite easy to assemble without them. The stroller’s light weight helps make it easy to assemble. It also helps when you’re pushing and steering it because you don’t have to struggle to keep it on track. If it does swerve, you can effortlessly realign it.

Your dog is also secured in place when they are in the stroller as there are clips to harness them. Two additional features that owners love are the cup holder and storage basket. The basket attached to the stroller is convenient for storing shopping or any other items you might need when you’re out and about with your pet.

Lots of customers also find alternative uses for this dog stroller. They use it to transport their healthy, mobile pets to the vet because it is more comfortable than carrying a plastic crate and it keeps pets calm and comfortable.

9.4 Rating out of 10

*Doggy Dream Team top choice for safety and value*


  • This is the best dog stroller for large dogs and has a long list of features that offer user satisfaction. Overall customers are pleased with this product, with the main complaint being the assembling instructions. Most buyers found the stroller works well and is fit for purpose.
  • This stroller will satisfy your dog’s basic requirements. Your dog will get fresh air while the cup and storage basket mean your hands will be free from carrying bags or personal items. You can’t go wrong with this sturdy, safe and comfortable dog stroller for jogging or even just a casual walk.

Petsfit Pet Travel Stroller

(£49.99 at review time)

This stroller is unique because it doesn’t come with the usual features other conventional dog strollers have. This dog stroller is best described as a wheel carrier. The unique thing about it is that it’s pulled rather than pushed. It’s small with a maximum capacity of only 2.4 kg.

There is a mesh top cover and side walls which provide airflow while preventing your dog from jumping out. There is also a back pocket which you can use to carry small items.

-This dog carrier is a better size for small dogs. Though it is small, it offers terrific functionality. Best point: Ideal for small dogs

Really glad I bought this one. It’s very sturdy. It’s small but big enough for my Chihuahua who has bad legs. Great to wheel around. Great in the car as a car seat and to have as a bed indoors

Barbara Parkinson, Amazon

Since this is a dog carrier rather than a push chair some owners, especially those used to pushing a stroller, find the handle awkwardly positioned. Worst point: Design can be awkward

Not fit for purpose. The handle is too short so it is very awkward to pull. Very flimsy and unstable when my dog was inside.

Verified Customer, Amazon

Overall Value

This dog carrier is spacious enough for small dogs. Its main functional benefits are:

  • It is well designed and constructed
  • It is compact, so it fits in any vehicle if necessary.
  • The pad which the dog lies on is removable and washing machine friendly
  • Compact, so it can be carried on most planes

This means it can even be used as a car seat for pets and your dog can sleep in it at home without it taking up lots of space.This dog carrier is easy to move around while your dog remains comfortable and secured inside. It solves many challenges dog owners face.

8.6 Rating out of 10


This dog carrier is perfect for those who have a small dog. It’s easy to push around, so exercise time is easier. This carrier has a few unique benefits that other dog strollers don’t provide: It can be described as a three-in-one:

  • Dog carrier
  • Dog seat
  • Perfect indoor bed

This product makes car rides to the vet safer, easier and cleaner because your dog will have their own personal car seat. You don’t have to worry about your dog moving around while you’re driving. This product offers a range of solutions for daily dog owner challenges.

PawHut Pet Travel Stroller

(£49.99 – 53.99 at review time)

When your pets are in this lightweight dog stroller you can rest assured they’ll be safe. The three breathable gauze panels allow air to filter through.

When your pets are in this lightweight dog stroller you can rest assured they’ll be safe. The three breathable gauze panels allow air to filter through.The two-directional front wheels make manoeuvring this dog stroller effortless. The drink holder is perfect for when you’re jogging, and beats having to hold a water bottle which could make you lose control of the stroller.

Customers are content with how well this dog stroller is designed. The design makes it perfect for owners and their pets. This stroller can be used in any weather, so you can take your dog out for a stroll whenever you want. Best point: Weatherproof

Just the thing for our “Yorkie”. Easy to put together, well made and so adaptable for all weather conditions.

Edward Cavanagh, Amazon

The main purpose of the two-directional wheels is to make turning and steering effortless. However, it seems this design has yet to be perfected. Worst point: Wheel design could be improved

“Front wheels do not go all the way around, stroller tipped my dog over.

Mrs Margaret Marsay, Amazon

Overall Value

The basket underneath is removable and can easily be washed, without being damaged. This basket is large and deep, which makes it ideal for storing things such as dog’s treats, toys and water. There is also an additional storage pocket which is perfect for important items such as a smartphone or wallet.

This dog stroller is designed to protect your pet even in bad weather. The design makes sure your dog remains in place so they can’t fall out even if the stroller tips.

There is a suitably thick mattress which allows your dog to be comfortable when they lie down. This dog stroller is an ideal option to consider for walks with your old or injured dog.

8.6 Rating out of 10


  • The large, deep basket underneath is a unique selling point because it allows you to carry along more items on your walks.
  • You also have peace of mind knowing that your dog is comfortable and can enjoy the fresh air thanks to the breathable gauze. This is an all-round winner.

Pet Gear Happy Trails No-Zip Stroller

(£95 at review time)

This dog stroller is true to its name because dogs are indeed happy in it. The designers opted not to use zippers, which makes it safer.

This dog stroller offers a panoramic window view and is water resistant. The shock absorbers fitted into the wheels ensure there are no bumpy rides, so your pet can enjoy the view without being jostled around inside.

Most customers are delighted with this stroller. It works well and is easy to use, so both dogs and their owners will be happy with it. Best point: Safe and secure

My 15-year-old dog loves this.

Mand, Amazon

One customer had problems with the compartment becoming unstable and therefore uncomfortable. Worst point: Compartment can become unstable.

Initially I was impressed by this stroller. It’s roomy while being compact and folds easily for transportation and storage. However, within a couple of months, the base of the compartment is no longer stable and my dog slides towards the rear, making it uncomfortable for her to use.

Linda Whitehead, Amazon

Overall Value

This dog stroller is not only stylish, it is made with quality materials so it can withstand any terrain and weather conditions. It’s easy to assemble and has stabilizing mechanisms so your pets will stay in one place rather than losing their balance.

This stroller is light and compact but still spacious enough for your dog to comfortably lie down in. Your dog is kept safe and secure inside while you can easily manoeuvre the stroller around.

8.8 Rating out of 10


  • This dog stroller can put the joy back into your outdoor excursions. The shock absorbers mean you dog no longer has to brace itself against the shock of bumpy paths. This dog stroller is ideal if you want to walk on different terrains because your dog will be secured inside.
  • The stroller’s lightweight and compact size makes it easier for you to take your dog along on outdoor excursions. Many satisfied customers can vouch that this dog stroller will make you and your pet happy.

BTM Pet Travel Dog Stroller

(£119.99at review time)

If you’re an active person then this is the dog stroller for you. Its many pet-friendly features mean it’s perfect for your pets too. The mesh windows on the top, sides and back give your dog a 360° view as well as excellent ventilation, while at the same time keeping bugs out.

This dog stroller is easy to fold, making it convenient to store. Another added benefit is the large storage basket. This can be used for you or your dog’s essential items such as toys, wallets and snacks.

This dog stroller offers both style and practicality for pet owners who have an active lifestyle they want to share with their dogs. Best point: Very stylish.

Amazing value for money!!! My dog loves it and I feel like a pioneer in my neighbourhood. They all want one.


This dog stroller has one main flaw—the plastic wheels. If you love walking on rough surfaces this might be a big problem. Worst point: Plastic wheels are only suited to smooth surfaces.

The dog stroller has plastic wheels. Totally unsuitable for where we wish to use the stroller.

Richard Vann, Amazon

Overall Value

Despite some bad reviews, this dog stroller has lots of redeeming qualities when it comes to its design:

  • Perfect for jogging because it’s so light
  • Big enough to fit two small dogs
  • Easily assembled

Lastly, this dog stroller ensures your pets’ safety is a priority. Wherever you’re walking or jogging you will know your dog is safe and secure. The waterproof material keeps your dog dry, so rainy days will not prevent you from taking your dog on a stroll. One exceptionally smart feature is the space designed to store your pet’s bowls for food and water.

9.0 Rating out of 10


  • This stroller’s focus is on practicality and protection. The lightweight and compact size makes it perfect for your active lifestyle. This dog stroller allows you to take your dog with you no matter what the weather conditions are thanks to a waterproof exterior and secure interior.
  • You can also carry loose personal items in the large baskets attached. This stroller solves many problems, making it an excellent option to consider.

OxGord Pet Twin Double Stroller

OxGord Pet Twin Double Dog Stroller

($59.99 at review time)

This double dog stroller surpasses the competition in a number of ways. It has a twin carriage which provides more space than other strollers, so you can go for a walk with two dogs instead of just one.

The dog stroller is fitted with mesh windows which ensure there is adequate airflow surrounding your pets. The mesh windows also mean your dogs can enjoy the scenery.

Since it has a twin carriage this stroller is larger than most. However, it’s not much heavier, so you can still easily push it around.

Many customers enjoy using this dog stroller because it allows them to transport several dogs at the same time. Best point: Can carry several dogs.

This is a great help for us. We have four dogs, so when we take them places, we put them in the stroller and are able to go anywhere without a hassle.

Helen, Amazon

The dimensions are large because of the twin carriage which is a challenge for some, as it can be difficult to manoeuvre the stroller around. Worst point: Large and hard to manoeuvre for some. Has to be purchased from the USA.

The stroller is too big which makes it hard to push, the only good thing about it, is that it fits both pets.

Certified Customer, Amazon

Overall Value

Since this stroller is larger than others, you might expect it to be difficult use. However, it’s surprisingly easy to assemble and fold. The easy-fold feature makes it convenient for storage.

You might worry that each compartment will be small, but they actually have plenty of room so all your pets can sit or lie comfortably without feeling cramped.

This dog has been carefully designed with dog owners in mind. The handlebars are fitted in the ideal positions—not too high or low—so it’s comfortable to push. It has proven its worth in terms of durability and functionality, because it still functions well even when carrying two 20 lb. dogs.

8.6 Rating out of 10


  • Since this is a twin carriage stroller you can carry a few small to medium-sized pets at once, so they can enjoy going for a stroll together. This makes it convenient and fun because you don’t have to leave pets behind anymore.
  • Another benefit of this design is that you don’t need to buy a second stroller. This double twin carriage is also value for money.


When considering the list presented here, the best dog stroller overall is arguably the Foxhunter New Brown Travel Stroller. Even though its scoring puts it in second place, the fact that there were no major issues with it means it’s the most highly recommended. The sub-par assembly instructions shouldn’t keep dog owners from experiencing what we consider to be the best stroller on the market.

With a good stroller your dog can continue to enjoy life even when their mobility is reduced. When you have a solution to taking your pets out and about, keeping your beloved pets happy won’t be a difficult task anymore. Buying a dog stroller helps you return joy to their lives while simplifying your own.


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