The Best Dog Clippers in the UK for Hairy Hounds

Best Dog Clipper Reviews of 2017


Which are the best dog clippers for your hairy hound?

With the right dog clippers you can care for that coat at home. From tidying the fur between the toes to a full clip, you can achieve a professional finish with a little knowledge and the best dog clippers for home use.

We have covered:

So if you’d like to brush up on the benefits of cordless or rechargeable clippers, or know whether professional clippers are worth the money, or why quiet clippers should be your first choice…read our selection of the best of the best dog clippers!

Cordless Dog Clippers

The great thing about cordless dog clippers is they free you up from tangled cables.

For those new to dog grooming it’s amazing how easily an electric cable gets entwined around a dog’s legs when you aim for those hard-to-reach places. Cordless dog clippers mean you have one less thing to think about and move the clippers without a weighty cable hampering your mojo.

Our top two recommendations for cordless clippers are:

  • Amir Cordless Rechargeable Dog Clippers
  • Oneisall Cordless

So let’s take a closer look.

Amir Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Clippers

(£18.49 at review time)

Bow Wow! These inexpensive cordless dog clippers charge fully in 60- 90 minutes, to provide around 90 minutes of clipping time. Reviewers are consistently impressed with the quality of these dog clippers, which feel solid but without being too weighty. The motor is quiet and it runs cool so there’s no risk of the clippers overheating.

The clipper comes with four-guide combs of varying depth so you can get the exact coat length you pre-fur. Whilst the clipper blade is designed not to damage skin, should you accidentally clip too close.

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

Good grief – it really worked – didn’t frighten the dog – and easy to use.”

Enchantment, Amazon

Was really worried about ordering these as every review seemed to be by people given the product free to write a review, so I asked a question and received some honest feedback! And they are fab! Light, easy to use, not too loud and don’t vibrate too much! I only use on the hard to reach areas, feet, head, hygiene etc, and the 4 level settings are great! I don’t use the clip on attachments as I have other mains clippers for the bulk of the work! Really good value

Nicki, Amazon

Oneisall Cordless

(£15.99 at review time)

This cordless, rechargeable dog clipper ticks all the right boxes for being low vibration and quiet so as not to startle the highly-strung dog. It seems you can have it all with reviewers being impressed with the quality and thrilled by the low price.

The titanium cutting blade will not rust, and the blade has an “R” shape to avoid accidentally nicking the skin. Complete with two cutting guides, comb, and cleaning brush this is a veritable show-stopper amongst clippers, and a ‘snip’ at the price.

Overall Value

9.8 Rating out of 10

The super advantage of this dog clipper is – its cordless and noiseless, so no fuss I carry the clipper in my backyard with my puppy and complete trimming process peacefully.

GAN, Amazon

These are excellent value for money and excellent quality.

Fiona, Amazon

Low Noise Clippers

It is a rare dog indeed that doesn’t flinch at the sound of electric dog clippers…and boy can clippers be noisy. For the flighty dog that only has to hear a pin drop to be off, then what you need are quiet clippers. Through a clever combination of high power but low vibration, you can indeed have your cake and eat it with these highly recommended low noise clippers.

Our top two recommendations for Low Noise clippers are:

  • Oneisall Quiet Clipper Set
  • Tresutopia Low Noise Dog Clipper

Lets review these in more detail.

Oneisall Quiet Clipper Set

(£23.99 at review time)

What took me by complete surprise was how good these actually were (for rechargable clippers) – it took no pressure at all to cut through the fur.

Peter, Amazon

One reviewer describes these Oneisall Quiet Clippers as taking her bedraggled lamb to a pampered pooch! The impressive thing about this clipper is that it does what it says on the label. The ceramic blade makes trimming fur a breeze, clip after clip, dog after dog. It has a 50 dB motor, which is the equivalent noise level to a quiet conversation at home.

The clipper comes complete with four hair thinning guides, plus a comb and thinning scissors, which adds up to this being one of the best clippers for home use with a near perfect, 4.9 star out of 5 being hard to beat!

Overall Value

9.8 Rating out of 10

I am a professional groomer at home. My partner brought me these before getting the outer which I am saving for. And I got to say they are BRILLIANT

Customer, Amazon

Trèsutopia Low Noise and Vibration Dog Clippers

(£17.99 at review time)

The first thing I noticed is how smoothly they glide with no hair pulling.

Top Reviewer, Amazon

The Oneisall review rating of 9.8 was hard to beat, but this Tresutopia Low Noise clipper managed it with a paw-some 10 out of 10 from satisfied customers. Reviewers tell us how the Tresutopia clippers shaved, clipped, and trimmed a range of fur types without tugging, pulling, or choking up. The only downside we can find  is that they do need occasional oiling, as per the instructions, but this is a standard maintenance requirement for most dog clippers.

Having tried many different brands of electric dog clippers over the years, including other silent ones, but the Tresutopia impressed by both being eerily quiet and having a reliable cutting action.

Overall Value

10 Rating out of 10

We have several rescues all of which are shaggy to some extent or another. These electric dog clippers are amazingly silent. Honestly, they’re perfect.

Mark, Amazon

Professional Dog Clippers

OK, so perhaps you’re sceptical about whether bargain price clippers are too good to be true. Or maybe you are a professional dog groomer prepared to invest in top notch equipment. With this in mind let’s take a look at how professional dog clippers measure up and if they’re value for money.

If your’re after a heavy duty, professional dog clipper it has to be one of these two:

  • Andis 2-speed Professional Dog Clippers
  • Oneisall Professional Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

Andis 2-speed Professional Dog Clippers


(£129.95 at review time)


The choice of professional groomers, these Andis 2-speed clippers are expensive, but outperform cheaper clippers, even those from recognised leading brands. Ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, they are comfortable for the user as well as the dog.

Andis ones did the job in 20 minutes

Mrs MC, Amazon

We love our Cavapoos, Cockapoos, and Labradoodles. But with that adorable poodle gene goes lots of wavy, curly, and tendency-to-tangle hair. To tame those luxurious locks means four to six-weekly trips to the grooming parlour with all the expense that entails. But there is another way.

Invest in a heavy-duty dog clipper that is going to last. It will save you money over the long term

The Andis clippers just keep going. They are not cordless, mainly because they are designed for groomers clipping dogs all day long. The quality clipper heads and powerful motor make short work of even the scruffiest of coats. Whilst the price makes these a considered purchase, the home groomer should remember the cost will be recouped after just a couple of saved trips to the parlour. Indeed, these are the best heavy duty dog clippers for anyone that is serious about dog grooming.

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

What can I say…. brilliant! I bought the Andis to trim my English Cocker Spaniel who has thick & curly hair. The Andis clipper worked superbly on her, like a knife through butter.

Mrs P M Littlemore, Amazon

Oneisall Professional Heavy Duty Dog Clippers

(£35.99 at review time)

Brilliant! My nervous dog actually liked being clipped. So easy to use it.

Mr R Longster, Amazon

This Oneisall product is described as a heavy duty dog clipper, which implies it’s up to tough grooming jobs. The impressive thing about these dog clippers is they are cordless with a battery than can store enough charge for five hours continuous use. They are designed with a heavy duty motor to make trimming even the toughest tangles a treat not a trial.

On the whole users agree. In fact, one reviewer was so impressed by the smoothness and efficiency of this set that he bought another to take care of his beard and hair at home! One point though, the blade can struggle to cut the fine feathering on some dog’s legs. This could be a reflection of a course cutting blade not being suitable for fine hair, which needs to be born in mind if your dogs have fine hair. Without doubt, however, these are the best dog clippers for thick matted hair.

Overall Value

9.2 Rating out of 10

The machine is so light, easy to use, and so quiet the dogs did not mind at all. It was as if they were getting a massage and they loved it.

Mel, Amazon

Dog Clipper Kits

If you’re interested in clippers for home grooming, then it’s handy to have to hand all the other accessories a professional groomer uses. The answer is to purchase a kit containing not only the clipper but scissors, comb, and cutting guide.

Our top two recommendations for dog clipper kits are:

  • Everesta Clipper Kit
  • Sminiker Clipper Kit

So let’s take a closer look at each of them in more detail.

Everesta Clipper Kit

(£24.99 at review time)

This was the 5th set of dog clippers I have bought I have to say this are the best and the cheapest I have bought !!

Customer, Amazon

This set contains a rechargeable, cordless clipper with blade, cutting guides, comb, scissors, and cleaning brush. But what’s best about this is a great price for a product that works. What especially impressed us was that it didn’t spook nervous dogs, and impressed to the point that users would purchase this brand again in future, making it one of the best dog clippers for home use.

Overall Value

9.8 Rating out of 10

These rechargeable are of a very high standard much better than I expected for the price

Christoff, Amazon

Sminiker Clipper Kit

(£21.99 at review time)

Brilliant clippers. We have a lab x wolfhound with crazy hair. These clippers glided through his top coat and his ‘felt like’ undercoat. My husband and I are complete dog grooming novices, and dare I say that we did a pretty good job!!!! I would definitely recommend, with the price of these clippers you can’t go wrong, they are cheaper than one session at the groomers!!!

Nicola, Amazon

Talking of value! Wow!

Everything…and we mean everything you need…except for the dog…for a home groom. Once charged, these cordless dog clippers can be used for 70 minutes continuously. The motor is powerful but quiet (operating at less than 60 dB, which is about the same as about the same as the spoken voice in conversation.

We were clearly impressed with the outstanding value for money of this product, which did what it said on the box without breaking the bank.

Overall Value

9.4 Rating out of 10

Groomed my Westie in half the time of usual clippers…. got clogged sometimes but very good.

Customer, Amazon


So there you have it, eight of the best dog clippers with a range of features and price points. When choosing the best clippers to buy, think about your pet’s needs. Are they anxious and easily spooked? In which case, the quietest clippers you can find is a good idea. Or do they have a thick coat that would make a mountain sheep envious? In which case, the best dog clippers for thick fur are powerful and hold a charge for a long time.

Now all you need do is decide with one is the best dog clipper for your hairy hound, and get ready to save money at the groomers! What are you going to spend the spare cash on? Probably the dog…

Let us know how you get on.


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