This Is What Happens When Dogs Visit Care Homes

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When it comes to dog’s senses, their sixth sense has often been harnessed for many different purposes. Recently a study was carried out by the London School of economics. This particular study was designed to test just how clever dogs are and also to work out whether or not dogs can actually predict Alzheimer’s in certain people. The result of this study were just as expected.

Key Takeaways:

  • As dog owners, we all know the benefit of simply having a dog in your life. One of their biggest qualities is their ability to love unconditionally and without judgement.
  • Aside from their role as our friend and family member, the dog’s sixth sense has been harnessed for many purposes.
  • There are currently more than 20 different dog breeds in TheraPaws, everything from a Labrador to a Staffie.

“This is perhaps no surprise as the initiative has been shown to have mutual benefits for both humans and dogs, and improve the relationships between the two.”

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