The James Herriot centenary: a vet who changed his profession

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Do you know who Alf Wight was? You wouldn’t unless you are already familiar with who wrote “All Creatures Great and Small”. He used pen-name James Herriot for introducing his life of veterinary surgeon. After American publisher created single book out of his two books already published in England and named it All Creatures Great and Small, his name became widely known around the world, through books, of course, but also TV series as well. This blog show case all that in warm and tender fashion.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s rare for one individual to affect an entire generation of a profession, but that’s exactly what Alf Wight managed to do.
  • Despite his significance, Alf’s name never became widely known by the public, and there’s a simple reason for that: he wrote under the pseudynom of “James Herriot”.
  • The books – and television series – had a widespread appeal across all ages, presenting a charming, nostalgic view of life as a vet in mixed practice

“James Herriot lives on in his books: his writing made such a big impact that he’ll be remembered for many more years.”

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