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Why You Should Never Give A Dog A Bone

According to the The People’s Dispensary For Sick Animals, bones can splinter and be detrimental to a dog’s health and cause death. “We don’t recommend bones as treats because unfortunately our vets and nurses regularly see dogs with digestive tract damage and blockages caused by splinters or larger pieces of bone being swallowed and becoming […]


America’s Top Dog. Since Records Began

Top 5 Most Popular Dog Breeds since 1935 A new infographic has just been released highlighting America’s historical relationship with man’s best friend. Each year over 1 million pure breed dogs are register with the American Kennel Club (AKC) Association. It is this data and the previous 80 years of registrations that have gone into […]


Top Dog In Reigate Town

Top Dog in Reigate It’s a matter of opinion on which breed is most popular in Reigate. With such a wide variety of breeds, its difficult to guesstimate exactly what breed is most common. There are a vast amount of breeds littered around Reigate, but which breed pee’s on the most lampposts? Unless you need […]


The Doggy Dream Team is Coming

This is a post that will go down in our timeline for future reference. Doggy Dream Team (DDT) © Blog. Established 16/03/2016. This is our commitment to bring all the best we can to our fellow dogs and lovers of dogs. Why? Because they give us so much. Why not check out the rest of […]

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