Meet The Cancer-Detecting Dogs Saving Lives One Sniff At A Time

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Medical Detection Dogs, a charity headquartered in Milton Keynes, England, trains dogs to sniff out cancers in humans. Dogs sniff out cancers in humans by detecting minute odor concentrations in body samples at the rate of one part per trillion. So far, these dogs have a 93% success rate. The charity’s founder, Claire Guest, had her own life saved from breast cancer in 2009 when her red fox labrador, Daisy, started behaving oddly and pawing at her chest.

Key Takeaways:

  • In a small village outside of Milton Keynes, dogs of all ages and breeds are trained to sniff out cancer from thousands of samples, in a routine that will one day save lives.
  • A major trial is underway where pets are taught to sniff out prostate cancer from urine samples provided by a local hospital. So far they have a 93% success rate.
  • The charity has a “no kennel” policy, which means all of the dogs who are trained there belong to real families.

“Dogs can sniff out cancer by detecting tiny odour concentrations in body samples, around one part per trillion.”

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