Ireland – ‘puppy farm capital of Europe’

puppy-farming. puppy dogs in a cage

Puppy mills are horrible places where dogs are breed and pumped out. They are often times illegal, but in Ireland it has turned into the puppy mill capital of Europe. This is a major problem, and they are looking for ways to crack down on this issue. Read ahead for more on this.

Key Takeaways:

  • Illegal dog breeding is a lucrative industry in Ireland, involving some 40,000 puppies a year worth about £17.5m
  • Smuggled puppies are raised under inhumane conditions and pose a health risk because they have not been inoculated against rabies
  • Local authorities are unable to cope with the problem, prompting one charity to demand action from the Government

“Illegal dog breeding on an industrial scale has turned Ireland into the ‘puppy farm capital of Europe.’”

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