Bicycle Safety Tips For People Who Bike With Their Dogs

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There are important safety measures to take when biking with your dog. If your dog will run along side of you while you bike, make sure your dog is up to the task physically. Also, make sure you have the appropriate equipment like a harness and reflective lights for safety. If your dog is going to ride in a basket or trailer, make sure he won’t be able to escape or throw your bike off balance. Lastly, always bring extra water and a dog first aid kit.

Key Takeaways:

  • A bicycle ride is a fun way to spend time with your pooch outside, get some exercise, and fulfill your dog’s need for speed. But it’s important to stay safe.
  • If your dog is small or has short legs, he’ll probably be needing to work too hard to keep up with you, so biking is not the best way to give him exercise. And if your dog is overweight, starting at such a physically demanding level is unsafe.
  • Dogs that are easily distracted or bolt after other dogs or animals can pull hard and easily cause an accident. An untrained dog should absolutely not go for a bike ride.

“After you’re all set, it’s time to check the terrain. Is your path grass or pavement? If it’s pavement, check to make sure the ground isn’t too hot or your pup’s paws can get badly burned. If it’s an unpaved path, check to see if there are rocks, broken glass, or sharp objects on the ground. If so, choose a safer route.”


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