Be smart when you buy a puppy


As the need for a companion continues to climb in our lives, it may come to no surprise that you may eventually purchase, raise, and care for a dog. When deciding upon what kind of dog there are many factors that come into play. How big of a dog do you want, do you have the required space for said dog, do you have enough time for a dog, and these are all questions that should be answered ahead of time and something you shouldn’t just be finding out moments after picking up your new puppy.

Key Takeaways:

  • Do your research & take your time
  • Consider a mixed breed dog
  • save yourself money, time, and unnecessary emotional distress.

“Animal Welfare (IFAW) has released a short educational video in the style of a kitsch children’s toy commercial, highlighting the risks attached to inadvertently buying an animal from a puppy farmer.”

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