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5 Essentials You Need To Know About Owning A Dog: From Puppy To Pet Pensioner

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Owner walking with Golden Retriever dog together in park

Dogs truly are your best friends. They’ll greet you like you’re their favourite person in the world, pick up on your moods (and know just what to do if you need cheering up) and be your constant companions through life’s ups and downs. Not all dogs are the same. Far from it. You might have fallen in love with the look of a certain breed or always dreamed of owning a Spaniel or a Golden Retriever, but each breed of dog has their own distinctive temperament. No amount of training is going to reverse the distinctive characteristics of a breed.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be realistic about your lifestyle too – the size of your home and outside space, how much time you can give to walking your dog, whether you have a home full of boisterous children.
  • Certain pedigree breeds are prone to long-term illnesses or conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes or congenital heart disease, so a lifetime insurance policy makes sound financial sense and will give you peace of mind.
  • Puppies are adorable; soft, cuddly and endlessly inquisitive.

“It’s in a Retriever’s genes to want to chew things and wallow in water while a Greyhound’s nature is to chase things.”


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