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First Date Doggy Disaster

June 16, 2017

Let me set the backdrop for you; I’m actively dating and on the whole, all my first date experiences have been positive. No ladies with dodgy profiles or fake images, no no-shows, all normal and non-eventful really. That said, for all the dating normality that has been, my last date was beyond normal and will […]


Ireland – ‘puppy farm capital of Europe’

December 25, 2016

Puppy mills are horrible places where dogs are breed and pumped out. They are often times illegal, but in Ireland it has turned into the puppy mill capital of Europe. This is a major problem, and they are looking for ways to crack down on this issue. Read ahead for more on this. Key Takeaways: […]


Psychological science explores the minds of dogs

December 24, 2016

Dogs are man’s best friends, and for many years’ researchers were trying to figure out how there brain works. This research has attempted to fill the knowledge that we had about these lovable canines. New research is attempting to show how a dog’s brain works, and trying to answer these age old questions. Key Takeaways: […]


10 ways to spot a good breeder

December 23, 2016

Buying a new puppy from a breeder can be a very challenging experience. Finding the right breeder is more complicated than just looking in the classified section of the newspaper or browsing the pets section on Craigslist. This article lists lots of good tips for finding a happy, healthy puppy from a reputable breeder who […]


A raw diet for your dog?

December 22, 2016

Pet owners are just like all other foodies in many ways and that extends to concern over the animal’s diet. Anxious to get away from the processed products that have been the topic of so much discussion. Now folks are becoming increasingly intrigued by a dietary approach for their dogs and cats hilariously abbreviated in […]


Is pet insurance worth having?

December 21, 2016

Britain’s pet lovers are quite willing, according to one British newspaper poll, to put their money where their mouth is and shell out considerable funds for the comfort and well-being of the furry members of their family. Yet, less than half of these pet lovers have opted for pet insurance, perhaps regarding it as faddish […]


DIY Dog Cookie Wreath

December 8, 2016

Want to get creative and festive for your dog this #Christmas? The Dog Cookie Wreath is the answer Key Takeaways: A super clutch, dogmatically canine gift idea your canine friends will beg you for, all of the time, constantly, forever. Cut-out dog biscuits with rolled oats, cornmeal and cheddar cheese, You can change the flavor of […]


The Important Things to Consider Before You Adopt a Dog

December 7, 2016

Have you done homework, such as reading about housebreaking, training, behavioral problems, and daily care of a dog? And what kinds of dogs are best for you and your family? Do you have a busy schedule or long hours? Puppies and young dogs require a lot of time and attention. Puppies can hold their bladders […]


5 Essentials You Need To Know About Owning A Dog: From Puppy To Pet Pensioner

November 26, 2016

Dogs truly are your best friends. They’ll greet you like you’re their favourite person in the world, pick up on your moods (and know just what to do if you need cheering up) and be your constant companions through life’s ups and downs. Not all dogs are the same. Far from it. You might have […]


Make sure you aren’t breaking the law: take your pet to the vet

November 24, 2016

All pet owners have a legal responsibility to provide for specific needs, to ensure that animals under their care are happy and healthy. If owners do not fulfill their legal responsibilities to care for animals properly, they are breaking the law. The defense of ignorance isn’t a relieving factor, either, in this case. Key Takeaways: […]

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