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Why Dog Worming isn’t Just for Puppies

How often should I worm my adult dog? a) Not sure b) Once a year c) Every three – four months d) Monthly Maybe he’s an indoor dog that doesn’t scavenge – so why should you bother? Regardless, the fact is, dog worming isn’t just for pups and for the health of your dog (and […]


7 Logical Steps to Soothe Itchy Dog Skin

Does your dog suffer the misery of itchy skin? Indeed, it’s likely an itchy dog makes you miserable too because there is an unwritten rule that dogs are worst at 3am (because there’s nothing to distract them). As a pet parent this means being woken by the steady slurp of a licking tongue or the […]


Lungworm in Dogs

Are you lungworm aware? Perhaps you’ve heard of lungworm in dogs but feel vaguely confident your dog is protected. Unfortunately, complacency kills and puts your dog at risk because this potentially deadly infection has spread countrywide. To find out if your dog is at risk, see how many of the following questions you answer “Yes” […]


Alabama Rot in the UK: Facts, Stats, and the Future

The mere mention of Alabama Rot gives dog owners the chills. This mysterious skin rotting disease with a high mortality rate has been baffling vets and worrying dog owners since the UK’s first case, diagnosed in November 2012. Whilst the cause of this illness remains unknown, at last there is hope for the future as […]


How to buy a puppy

Thinking of buying a puppy? You can do it the right way. Marc Abraham, an experienced veterinarian surgeon outlines a simple approach for anyone buying a puppy. Here are some tips for you to follow. Go to a rescue centre. Source your breeder Do your research Where’s the puppy’s mum? 1. Go to a rescue […]

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