How to buy a puppy

Reviewed by the DDT

Thinking of buying a puppy? You can do it the right way.

Marc Abraham, an experienced veterinarian surgeon outlines a simple approach for anyone buying a puppy.


Here are some tips for you to follow.

  1. Go to a rescue centre.
  2. Source your breeder
  3. Do your research
  4. Where’s the puppy’s mum?

1. Go to a rescue centre

Visit your local rescue centre where there are different dogs of different breeds, different sizes and different ages, including puppies that desperately need loving, forever homes. They are a lot cheaper than bred dogs, usually with it being an adoption fee. They are neutered, they are micro-chipped. A lot of them are already house trained. Think of them as a bargin really.

2. Source your breeder

If you really want a pup and lets not forget the pups that are in rescue. You need to source your breeder carefully.

3. Do your research

Google mobile phone numbers, talk to people, get advice, take someone with you.

4. Where’s the puppy’s mum?

Most importantly, see the puppy with its mum and never ever be afraid to just work away if it doesn’t feel right.

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