Golden retriever on dream dog bed

3 Winning Ways to Sniff out your Dream Dog Bed

If you think one dog bed is much like another, then think again!

From bargain basement to top-of-the-range, every dog bed has its pros and cons. To avoid making costly mistakes, consider your dog’s snoozing needs and hunt down those features.

As a guide to keeping your dog super snuggly without breaking the bank, think about the following:

1: Does your Dog have Special Requirements?

What factors do you need to be mindful of?

  • Potty training and other ‘accidents’: For a puppy or older dog, washability matters so look for a bed that fits in the washer or has removable covers.
  • Does the dog have arthritis? A warm bed with padded sides to retain heat round the joints is ideal. If the budget allows, consider a Memory Foam Mattress to take the weight off sore legs.
  • Is he a chewer?: A hardwood or tough plastic bed can be the answer or alternatively choose an inexpensive bed that doesn’t cost the earth to replace.
  • Little or large: How much space do you have? A rigid bed for a large dog can dominate a room, where a donut bed or beanbag is a great space-saving alternative

2: What Type of Dog Bed?

Just like dreamers, dog beds come in all shapes and sizes.
Which type is best suited to your dog?

  • Hammock: These consist of a raised fabric bed on frame with legs. Much loved by rescue centres, they are easy to clean, keeps the dog above drafts, and avoids direct contact with a cold floor.
  • Rigid Beds: This traditional bed includes the wicker basket and plastic bed, lined with a blanket. A good option for chewers as the hard bed is more difficult to destroy, and a chewed blanket is easily replaced. However these beds do eat up space, especially for a large dog.
  • Donut Beds: The snuggly padded fabric cocoon. Especially popular for small to medium sized dogs. Fit nicely inside crates or a cosy corner.
  • Bean Bags: Cosy, cosy, especially in cold weather as they retain heat. Must have a washable cover for practicality.

3: Features of the Bed

A bed is a bed…not!

  • Type of stuffing: Look for polyester filling or cotton batting. Avoid shredded cedar.
  • Padding: Truly top end beds may have a memory foam mattress: Great for sore joints but an expensive snack for chewers. A bed with baffles stitching the padding in place is a bonus, as this stops it going lumpy in the wash.
  • Washability: No one wants a smelly dog bed, which means regular laundering is essential. Look for features such as removable covers or the whole bed is washable.
  • Cost: How would you feel if an expensive bed got trashed? Sometimes paying less is more appropriate so it’s not the end of the world if chew-mageddon happens.

For those that don’t have time for the paw-walk to compare beds, we’ve done the sniffing around to find a great all-rounder of a dog bed. Made from durable poly-canvas with a super soft fleecy lining and insulatory interior (cool in summer, warm in winter), it’s fully washable. But better still, it’s at a low, tail wagging price so your dog can have it all, no worries. And it comes in three sizes:

Woof to that… and to quiet nights!

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