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Pet Insurance for French Bulldogs: A Dog’s Eye View

By DDT / April 22, 2017

WHY YOU NEED GOOD PET INSURANCE WHEN IT COMES TO YOUR FRENCH BULLDOGWhat do the Beckhams, Hugh Jackman, and Lady Gaga have in common? They all own French bulldogs.The rise in pup-ularity of the French bulldog (affectionately known as the ‘Frenchie’) is stratospheric, with a 3,104% increase in ownership in the past decade [source]. Indeed, […]


5 Blood-Curdling Reasons why Dogs Die in Hot Cars

By DDT / April 21, 2017

Updated: 21/04/2017 Felt it was right to resurrect this post in time for summer 2017. Good to spread the message every year. Would you put a baby in the oven? When people leave dogs in hot cars, this is exactly what they’re doing. 5 reasons why leaving dogs in cars, even on a mildly warm […]


A No Nonsense Guide to Finding the Best Pet Insurance for Dogs

By DDT / April 19, 2017

If your dog is taken seriously ill but is insured, you can decide their treatment based on what’s best rather than the depth of your pocket. Can you put a price on the peace of mind pet insurance brings? Actually –Yes, you can. Whilst taking out pet insurance is essential, different policies offer different value […]


3 Winning Ways to Sniff out your Dream Dog Bed

By DDT / March 4, 2017

If you think one dog bed is much like another, then think again! From bargain basement to top-of-the-range, every dog bed has its pros and cons. To avoid making costly mistakes, consider your dog’s snoozing needs and hunt down those features. As a guide to keeping your dog super snuggly without breaking the bank, think […]


What does your Dog’s Coat say about their Health?

By DDT / February 14, 2017

There’s a reason we’re attracted to soft shiny hair….It’s a sign of good health. This applies equally to a dog’s coat as it does to human hair. If your dog’s coat looks greasy, has bald patches, or a greasy feel – then it’s odds on your dog has a problem. This article gives you some […]


What Every Owner Needs to Know about Dog Dental Care

By DDT / January 2, 2017

Is your Dog’s Dental Care at the end of a long “To Do” list? Offensive ‘dog breath’ is often the result of poor dog dental care. Whilst most pet parents agree it’s best practice to brush their fur-friend’s teeth, in reality it’s hard to find time. But don’t be down-hearted, because cleaning your dogs’ teeth […]


Got a Dog with an Upset Stomach? Decision Making Time

By DDT / September 30, 2016

It’s the weekend. Yeah! But oh no, you have a dog with an upset stomach. He seems well enough but what he’s producing is most unpleasant. You’re torn. The dog hates visiting the vets, plus sitting for an hour in a packed waiting room is hardly the best start to the weekend. So what to […]


The Best Joint Care for Dogs: Protecting your Dog’s active Life

By DDT / September 19, 2016

Do you want your dog to lead a long and active life? This means protecting your dog’s joints and minimizing risk factors for arthritis. But sadly wanting something isn’t the same as making it happen, and this is where knowing how to help comes in. Perhaps you have an older dog and want to stop […]


Emergency Dog Care

By DDT / September 15, 2016

Canine-nine-nine: Does your Dog require Emergency Dog Care? When your dog is ill, do you adopt the “Wait and see” attitude or phone the vet immediately? As a pet parent it can be difficult to know if your dog’s problem is urgent or can be monitored for a while. To highlight the importance of deciding what […]


Is it Safe to Vaccinate your Dog?

By DDT / September 13, 2016

Dog Vaccines: You want the best for your dog, but advice can be conflicting. Whilst your vet sends out an annual booster reminder card, you read on the internet that vaccinating every year is not healthy. Now you’re confused about what to do. To alleviate that unease, here is a presentation of facts for and […]

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