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Why Does My Dog’s Breath Smell?

Are your dog’s loving licks more offensive than affectionate? Dogs lick their pet parents for all sorts of reasons, but mainly because they love them! Licking is an important way that dogs communicate with each other. From the mother licking her newborn pup to the submissive dog licking a dominant one…licks have different meanings. But […]


Why Does Dog Skin Go Black?

Have you ever noticed how your dog’s belly is black in summer, but pink in winter? Or maybe you’ve noticed black patches of dog skin in the armpits or groin. Why does this happen: Why does dog skin go black? The Answer is….Melanoderma! Dog skin darkening is due to increased production of the pigment, melanin. […]


Why Does Chocolate Kill Dogs? How to Prevent Poisoning

Can dogs die from chocolate poisoning?YES! Chocolate toxicity occurs because pet parents lower their guard. No-one ever sets out to poison their pet…and yet it happens all too easily. As an example, take the following real-life situation: Mrs. W had just been discharged from hospital after a serious illness. A steady stream of well-wishers called, […]


How to Help even the Worst Travel Sick Dog become a Waggy Traveller

Is a car journey with your dog an adventure for all the WRONG reasons? Travelling with a travel sick dog is a trial and no mistake. But it doesn’t have to be that way.Even the worst doggy traveller isn’t without hope. So instead of avoiding that short drive to the woods or long trip to […]


Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

It’s one of life’s little mysteries: Why do dogs eat grass? Or is it. But wait…you say…Dogs eat grass to make themselves sick. Everyone knows that! A-ha! Gotcha. Experts (presumably with plenty of time on their hands) have studied how many dogs vomit after eating grass. And the surprising answer is “Not very many.” As […]


Pet Insurance for Yorkshire Terriers: The Rapunzel of the Dog World

Tips to Finding The Best Pet Insurance for Your Yorkshire Terrier A dog originally bred for hunting rats and protecting their home, pet insurance for Yorkshire terriers will give your dog protection against unforeseen vet bills. Yorkshire terriers don’t shed. Instead, their hair grows just like human hair. Indeed, left to grow some Yorkies are […]


Pet Insurance for Chihuahuas: Protecting your Big-Little Dog

Tips to Finding The Best Pet Insurance for Your Chihuahua Dodge big vet bills for your small dog with pet insurance for Chihuahuas. It’s said that the ancient ancestors of the modern Chihuahua, had mystic powers and were able to heal the sick, see into the future, and safely guide the souls of the dead […]


Pet Insurance for Maltese Terriers: An Ancient Breed that needs Modern Medicine

Pet insurance for Maltese terriers makes the cost of modern medicine accessible for this ancient breed. Why are Maltese terriers white? The ancient Romans fell in love with this little dog from Malta and believed white to be a sacred colour. That was around 4,000 years ago, and successive generations of selective breeding perfected that […]


Pet Insurance for Poodles: Keep your Greatest Showpup Happy and Healthy

Poodles are great little performers with star quality. Their intelligence, trainability, and natural athleticism means they learn tricks quickly. Indeed, it’s often more tricky to find the best pet insurance for poodles. To keep your best buddy turning tricks, means looking after their health. Although a robust breed (after all, those gorgeous fur pom-poms of fur […]

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