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Dog Blood Donations Infographic

October 16, 2017

Blood Banks for Dogs If your dog was to become ill and require a blood transfusion, you would probably just accept that the blood was available to make it happen. We all understand the concept of blood banks for humans but did you know a blood bank program exists for dogs to? The charity organisation […]


Pug Pet Insurance: The Pugalicious Pet with the Pawtential for Problems

July 18, 2017

What every Pug Parent needs to know about Pug Pet Insurance Look! Just look! What could be sweeter than a pug? Indeed, do you know that when you connect with a Pug, your oxytocin levels go up? This is because that adorably wrinkled, flat face pushes buttons on a primeval level that remind us of babies. In […]


Golden Retriever Pet Insurance: Worth Its Weight in Gold

June 23, 2017

Golden Retriever Pet Insurance is worth its weight in GoldHas the breed’s popularity also been their downfall? With their golden looks, sunny temperaments, and unflinching loyalty come rain or shine, it is little wonder that the Golden retriever consistently features in ‘Top 10’ lists of the UK’s most popular dog breeds. Golden Retriever Pet Insurance for Peace […]


Rottweiler Pet Insurance: The Heavyweight Dog that’s much Misunderstood

June 14, 2017

How Heavyweight Vet Bills make Rottweiler Pet Insurance your Dog’s Best BetFamily fur-friend or vicious guard dog? The Rottweiler polarizes opinion more than any other dog. Some people shrink away and never see past the growling, snarling image of this broad-chested, muscular dog. Whilst others know them as devoted family companions who you would trust to […]


Best Pet Insurance for Cocker Spaniels: Now Hear This!

June 2, 2017

Why Pet Insurance for Cocker Spaniels is a Sound InvestmentThe Cocker spaniel is a pup-ular breed that started out as a hunting dog, retrieving birds in the field. But that silky coat, enviable eyelashes, and long ears soon captured our hearts to earn them a place by the hearth.   As a fur-family member they deserve […]


Pet Insurance for Shih Tzus: A Dog whose Superpower is Loyalty

May 30, 2017

Loyalty as Strong as a Lion: Why you need Pet Insurance for a Shih TzuLion dog or Chrysanthemum dog, whatever you call a Shih Tzu, they’ve a strong desire to stay right by your side.  Of course when a canine companion is your constant shadow, you miss them big time when they spend time at the […]


5 Blood-Curdling Reasons why Dogs Die in Hot Cars

May 24, 2017

Updated: 24/05/2017 – As a heat wave hits the UK Felt it was right to resurrect this post in time for summer 2017. Good to spread the message every year. Would you put a baby in the oven? When people leave dogs in hot cars, this is exactly what they’re doing. 5 reasons why leaving […]


Boxer Dogs Pet Insurance: How to KO Health Problems

May 18, 2017

How Pet Insurance for Boxers helps ensure a long and active lifeWoof woof! Do you have a bouncy Boxer dog in your life? An energetic Boxer dog has a way of wiggling his way into your heart. Maybe it’s that zest for life, those goofy good looks, or the puppy-dog eyes, but being a pet parent […]


Best Pet Insurance for Beagles: Sniffing Out Trouble

May 16, 2017

Why Pet Insurance for Beagles makes for a Happy Healthy Hound…To paraphrase a well-known song: “There ain’t nothing like a hound dog”, and the Beagle is definitely a dog worth singing about.. These velvet-eared hounds with beguiling brown eyes have strength of character out of proportion to their size. For example, Beagle pet parents know only […]

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