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Is a Teacup Dog Right for You?

Teacup Dogs? There Not Everybody’s Cup of Tea. Take a cute thing – like a toy dog breed – and make it smaller. Does its cuteness diminish? No! Instead, the smaller something is, the more cute-appeal it has. Ta-dah! Teacup dogs. Whilst teacup dogs are arguably the cutest thing ever, it’s important to look deeper […]


Why a Dog Seat Belt is Worth £5,000.

Do you travel with your dog in the car? Does my dog need a seat belt when in the car? To answer the first question first: From a quick run to the park to a day trip at the beach, the chances are your dog regularly travels in the car. Actually, insurance company research tells […]


All You Need to Know about Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs

Call it what you like: atopic dermatitis, allergic dermatitis, or an obsessively itchy dog; this condition is distressing for both dog and pet parent. Whilst there’s no cure for allergies in dogs, they can be controlled. This article explains how. What is Atopic Dermatitis in Dogs? Knowing how allergies are triggered empowers you to take […]


Dog First Aid Kit 101

Are you ‘first aid ready’ if your fur friend has an accident? Could you bandage a cut paw or know how to disinfect a dog bite? Both are common scenarios and great examples of why every pet parent needs to be prepared for minor wounds and injuries. Prompt treatment may prevent infection or stop vital […]


Dog Blood Donations Infographic

Blood Banks for Dogs If your dog was to become ill and require a blood transfusion, you would probably just accept that the blood was available to make it happen. We all understand the concept of blood banks for humans but did you know a blood bank program exists for dogs to? The charity organisation […]


Pug Pet Insurance: The Pugalicious Pet with the Pawtential for Problems

What every Pug Parent needs to know about Pug Pet Insurance Look! Just look! What could be sweeter than a pug? Indeed, do you know that when you connect with a Pug, your oxytocin levels go up? This is because that adorably wrinkled, flat face pushes buttons on a primeval level that remind us of babies. In […]


Golden Retriever Pet Insurance: Worth Its Weight in Gold

Golden Retriever Pet Insurance is worth its weight in GoldHas the breed’s popularity also been their downfall? With their golden looks, sunny temperaments, and unflinching loyalty come rain or shine, it is little wonder that the Golden retriever consistently features in ‘Top 10’ lists of the UK’s most popular dog breeds. Golden Retriever Pet Insurance for Peace […]


Rottweiler Pet Insurance: The Heavyweight Dog that’s much Misunderstood

How Heavyweight Vet Bills make Rottweiler Pet Insurance your Dog’s Best BetFamily fur-friend or vicious guard dog? The Rottweiler polarizes opinion more than any other dog. Some people shrink away and never see past the growling, snarling image of this broad-chested, muscular dog. Whilst others know them as devoted family companions who you would trust to […]


Best Pet Insurance for Cocker Spaniels: Now Hear This!

Why Pet Insurance for Cocker Spaniels is a Sound InvestmentThe Cocker spaniel is a pup-ular breed that started out as a hunting dog, retrieving birds in the field. But that silky coat, enviable eyelashes, and long ears soon captured our hearts to earn them a place by the hearth.   As a fur-family member they deserve […]

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